A framework for UX Research impact

There is a low barrier to mediocre UX Research.

8 Jan 2024

My framework for measuring the impact of UX Research.

This is not a framework for measuring the customer experience of your end product.

This is a framework for measuring the impact of your UX Research team.

We are at a time when the value of UX Research is being challenged more than ever before. We must find ways to communicate our value and across the organisation, not just to tech stakeholders but beyond to business stakeholders.

To that end, I propose this 4 layered framework for measuring UX Research impact.

The four layers of UX Research impact

💡 Insights

This is table stakes. You need to produce great insights. Stakeholders/clients need to hear and understand them. Without this it's very hard to have other impact.

🛠️ Optimisation

This means improving the products/services that an organisation has already. For example fixing confusing copy and increasing task success.

🎯 Prioritisation

This means influencing the priorities of an organisation. For example redirecting efforts from building option A to building option B.

🚀 Strategy

This means influencing things like the vision of the company and the problems the company choses to solve. This is impact at the highest level.

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